Sometimes he tells me stories from his past. Sometimes he initiates these stories, most times it's because I've asked him. I love hearing people's stories. They intrigue me. Today we spoke about Kerrie. I'm not sure if that's how you spell it. I know it can be spelled many different ways. I don't know if… Continue reading Kerrie


Miracle Baby

I tell her, "I don't know what to write about." "Write about a kingdom." She has her little pointer fingers pressed to her dimples and she's smiling. She seems shy now that I've asked her a question. I rarely ask her what I should write about. I usually just write whatever comes into my head.… Continue reading Miracle Baby

Up At Our Spot

We used to have this little spot, way up on an overlook where we could gaze down at the lights of a section of town. I don't know where our spot is at, not on a map at least. I just remember the long, winding road we took to get there. We would sit in… Continue reading Up At Our Spot


We see each other every day and there was a time when we tried to kindle a friendship, but we were very different and in the end we decided to just be polite. We exchange pleasantries when we pass each other and we help each other out if needed, but our personalities are too different,… Continue reading Etiquette

Waiting Room

I only come here once every three months. Sometimes six if the doc is really backed up. I hate this waiting room most times. Today it's not so bad. Have you ever smelled the scent of crazy? I can call it that because I'm sure I reek of it. It smells like dark rooms and… Continue reading Waiting Room


There's something about her that drives me insane. She has a controlling personality, or rather, a need to control. I understand why she's the way she is. I didn't use to, but I've had to sit down and have a heart to heart with her. You know, find out her story. Sometimes that's all it… Continue reading Opposition